How To Make the Most of Your Network To Save Time and Make Money

Your network, your circle of connection, is a beautiful gift. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t ever unwrap it? The wonderful thing about your network is that the people in it are willingly in connection with you. They want to help you! Most people do. Healthy humans want to help each other. It feels good. With good reason: feel-good hormones like oxytocin (also released during sex) flood your body and you feel more empathy and generosity. Your self-esteem goes up. Your stress level goes down. Being of service and participating…

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6 Hacks to Keep Your Web Design Forever Young for Corporate Branding

Website aging is analogous to human aging. As you need to take good care of yourself, so does you need to keep your business site in excellent condition? Keep it refurbishing on contemporary standards. After all, this is from where you get money. Every web design project, big or small, comes with specific considerations and contemplations. With the passage of time it starts appearing like an old chimney that needs renovation. The drastic consequences of not keeping your site updated are decreased user engagement, declined potential leads and, eventually, depleted…

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What I Learned About Hiring an Advertising Agency

Competing and succeeding in the business environment takes more than simply offering a quality product or service or having demand for it. Customers cannot give you their disposable income in exchange for what you have to offer if they never have any idea that it exists in the first place! The market is full of examples of subpar products that continue to gobble up all of the market share of an industry simply due to brand recognition or because they got there first. Hiring a company to help with your…

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