Avoid This One Error When Prospecting By Phone

On Facebook last week, there was a very brave soul who was making cold calls live. I clicked over to hear him doing it (he sells SEO services), and as I watched I noticed he was making one crucial error that was leading to him not getting very far with prospects. I want to share with you what this common prospecting error is and how to immediately fix it. Before I do, I just want to acknowledge the guts it took to put himself out there, live, for all the…

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How Corporate Apparel Can Strengthen Your Business

It’s 2018 and if you wish for your business to stand out from the competition, then a cold and bland approach just isn’t going to cut it. In order to get your target audience hyped about your service or product, you need to build an eye-catching, warm-blooded and unforgettable brand. Besides traditional advertising, there is so much you can do to put your brand’s name on everybody’s lips. Corporate apparel acts as an effective and affordable marketing option and can have a huge impact on any kind of demographic. Any…

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How to Create Attractive Signage For Your Retail Store

Why are my retail store signs not as effective as I expect them to be? Many retail store owners want a satisfactory answer to this question. Commercial signs fail to generate the expected results when they lack personality and purpose. If you are wondering why your indoor or outdoor store signs are not attractive and effective, follow these simple tips to fix this problem: Create simple and clear message Signs must be placed at front and center when your objective is to promote products. Your customers should be able to…

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