5 Explosive Strategies To Maximize Your Follow Up Results

To obtain a strong pipeline has to be the # 1 goal of every sales person; this is vital for you and your company to survive in the long term. Today, I’ll talk to you about how to maximize your follow-up activity to create a solid pipeline and to blow up your sales. Have A Purpose Always have a purpose, you must have clear goals before starting to make phone calls, you have to know exactly what goals you want to achieve: How many phone calls do you need to…

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Brand Marketing In A Nutshell – People > Product

Branding is often seen as the ability to properly add a logo to a company; perhaps even going so far as to consider the company’s role in a community. Whilst this is not incorrect, it’s not really a core definition of what a “brand” is, or how “branding” can be leveraged. “Branding” is a marketing practice which is to be imbued throughout a company (not just on the surface level). Although young / smaller companies don’t need branding (at least to start with), they will typically grow to a point…

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How To Use Sampling To Improve Your Sales

I’ve been watching Mad Men lately. I gotta tell you, it’s practically become an obsession. Though Sterling Cooper was a traditional ad agency, they still occasionally hit a few good ideas for their clients. One example was using coupons. While this article is not about using coupons per se, we’re going to talk about sampling to boost your response. Depending on your business type, sampling could be in many different forms. No doubt you’ve seen sampling used in grocery stores. In fact, I was in the grocery just the other day and a…

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