In the Belly of the Beast Selling to 4 Kinds of Customers

Sometimes, decisions are made by committee—groan!—and that means a lot more leg work for a Solopreneur consultant who’s trying to get a project or a sales professional trying to bring in an order. When you must win over several staff members, you may never know whose opinion really controls the sale (although you can ask). All you can do is prepare yourself by anticipating the kind of information that the point person in each department is likely to appreciate and making sure that you deliver it. Finance When the Finance…

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Business Travel 

Best Strategies for Saving on Flights and Hotels

As a business owner, you always look for ways to save money when running a business. Amongst all areas business travel is one key area where you can find savings on flights and hotels. By following the best booking strategies and utilizing affordable options, travelers can reduce the cost of their business trip. Here are a few ways to save on hotels and flights: Saving on Hotels Book hotels and flights together Online travel booking sites offer price breaks for purchasing a flight and hotel together. Combined packages are mostly…

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Advertising Signage Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Emerging advertising tools and channels are continuously changing the way we communicate or promote products or services. Signs, whether safety or commercial, are now being designed with the glittering digital display that presents content in a very engaging and attractive form. With the features of LED screens, companies now have the power to maneuver content in so many interactive ways to enhance their visibility. Understanding emerging signage trends will definitely enable you to create a good looking set of signs for your business. Following are some signage trends that will…

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