How Do Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents Differ?

copyright, patent and trademark registration Dubai are all similar yet different things.  There are so less of the people who know how much beneficial intellectual property registration in UAE can be.

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when someone creates something that is creative enough, they get the copyrights for it this means that nobody else can then copy the created work without getting the permission from the creator or the owner of the copyrights. There are a lot of benefits of having the copyrights of the work you created. This is because if something is present just with you, you can make money from it solely without any interruption.

People who create a unique piece of works in UAE immediately go for copyright registration in UAE so that nobody else can copy their intellectual property.

A good thing about copyrights is that they are enforced on international levels. If you get the copyrights of anything, no one in any country of the world would be allowed to copy your work.


Trademark is some sort of different from copyright because, in case of trademark registration in UAE, you get the rights over a name, symbol or a logo of the company so that you may own it. the trademark is used as a symbol or your supply of product and services so this is why you need to choose this wisely. A lot of things are interdependent on your trademark even your buyer’s interest. Note that the scope of the trademark is limited because the name, logo, symbol or a phrase you use will show what product or service you will give to the people.

An important point that you need to know about trademarks is that if you register a trademark in your own county, it will be enforced only in that country and people in other countries will be able to follow it but if you do not want that to happen, you can register your trademark in other countries too.


Patents are used to protect the inventions. This can only be the idea which has been brought into existence. there is a specific time duration for the patents. They are filed with the help of government and they are tested as well. the reason behind testing them is to make sure that the invention is enforceable. If not, the invention doesn’t get the patent. Basic tasks cannot be patented which can be performed easily by anyone to invent anything. This is the reason why they are tested before getting enforced.

Trademark and copyright registration in UAE can save you from getting copied by others. You can take the legal assistance for registering your trademarks and copyrights as well. this will help you make a name of your own. So, do register your trademarks and copyrights and show the world what you got. this is the only way you can serve the people with the best of your products.

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