What Are the Best PR Channels?

It is essential that your consumers know about your products and brand and remain interested enough to enjoy a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with it. This can be achieved via traditional and digital channels.


Right market + Right product/brand message + Right PR channel = Effective PR.

Viable PR channels:

  • When you have news, shout about it in traditional media and on digital platforms. Not every market is as technologically savvy as others. Place a news update, highlight a community project the brand is involved with, publish congratulations to a competition winner in print media to reach everyone.
  • Radio and television PR campaigns, when handled by PR agency specialists work excellently. It’s believed that PR is 7 times more effective than advertising because consumers trust PR more. Brand storytelling uses a narrative to inform e.g. Axa Insurance/McDonalds/Toyota. It is a highly productive tool across all media because people have always enjoyed stories and with this PR device they don’t feel sold to. Stories heighten emotions and it is feelings which drive a consumer to act. Facts justify the action later.
  • Face to face interaction at industry events, meet and greets, Q&A’s, target market events, fetes, county shows; allow consumers to see the faces and personalities which make the brand special.
  • Websites must be easy to navigate and read, images clear and messages engaging. Updating pages regularly to maintain consumer interest via shareable content including blogs, articles and news releases is essential. There are so many websites; seek PR agency assistance to make yours stand out. SEO is worked on to get the most volume of matches with searches which can then convert into sales.
  • Social media platforms help brands and PR agency teams to connect with the consumer, answer questions, address issues and assess the attitude to products and brands. Make every post work to your benefit. Entice the consumer to keep in touch. Word of mouth or online endorsement by a consumer, an “unofficial brand ambassador,” is an asset which shouldn’t be ignored.
  • A PR agency can approach an influencer who is normally an expert blogger, vlogger or public figure known for their lifestyle or skills. Their followers aim to emulate their activities and they’re an audience of potentially thousands. One positive recommendation from an influencer can significantly and gratifyingly affect brand prosperity and reputation.
  • Videos and infographics produced by a PR agency and utilising the best stylists and PR experts ensure that the message finds its mark. With video production it is obvious who is a novice or specialist. Interestingly, Facebook live videos average 6 times more engagement than other kinds of video.
  • Artificial intelligence is increasingly being adopted in daily life (Amazon Echo and Google Mini, for example.) As a PR channel, the approach is made to the device not the person, primarily because AI won’t produce multiple enquiry results like a search engine. Being the most appropriate match to the query is imperative.

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